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It is very important to us that your privacy remains protected when you use this website ( Below we provide a comprehensive explanation of how personal data and non-personal data are gathered and used. 

Subject to the rights of the parties involved as set forth herein, Porsche Holding GmbH is entitled to use personal data and anonymous data to the extent permitted by law.

This website employs software that allows analysis of usage. By analysing those data, we can gain valuable insights into users' needs. Those insights enable us to continuously improve the quality of our website. In particular, for each retrieval the following data sets are stored (without limitation):

  • IP address of the requesting computer, in anonymized form
  • date and time of retrieval
  • name of page or file retrieved
  • session ID
  • referrer URL (originating URL from which you accessed our website)
  • volume of data transferred
  • product and version information for the browser used
  • user's operating system

1. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file which stores web settings. Almost every website uses cookies technology. The file is downloaded by your web browser when you first visit the website. When you next visit that website using the same device, the cookie along with the information stored in it is either sent back to the website which generated it (first-party cookie) or sent to another website to which it belongs (third-party cookie). This allows the website to determine that it has already been accessed before via the browser in question, and in some cases it then varies the displayed content.

Some cookies are particularly useful, since they mean the user experience can be enhanced when you revisit a website which you have already visited several times before. Assuming that you are using the same device and the same browser as before, cookies, for example, remember your preferences, or explain how to use a particular web page, or tailor the displayed content more relevantly to your personal interests and needs. Most of the cookies which we use are automatically deleted from your hard drive after the end of your browser session (session cookies). In addition, we also use cookies which remain on your hard drive after the end of the session. The main purpose of this is to allow us to enhance your user experience when you revisit the website, by tailoring the website to your personal needs and optimizing load times.

2. Cookie settings on this website

2.1. Cookies for which consent is not required

So-called "strictly necessary cookies" are used to support functions without which it would not be possible to use this website in the intended manner. These cookies are used by us only, and are thus first-party cookies. They are only stored on your computer for the duration of the current browser session. Strictly necessary cookies: for the log-in function, we have a session cookie. Without that cookie, log-in would not be possible, and functions subsequent to log-in would not be possible either. 

These cookies also, for example, make it feasible to switch from http to https, thereby making data transfer more secure. For strictly necessary cookies, consent is not required.

It is not possible to disable strictly necessary cookies via the functionalities of this website. However, you can disable them at any time via your browser. For further information, see below.


2.2. First-party cookies for which consent is required

Cookies which, purely in terms of the relevant legal definitions, are not strictly necessary to enable use of the website do nonetheless fulfil important tasks. Without those cookies, functions which make it easy and convenient to use the website, e.g. pre-filled forms, would not be available. Moreover, without them, settings such as "language" would not be stored and would therefore have to undergo retrieval again for each different web page. Furthermore, without such cookies we would not be able to approach you with customised offers.

The first-party cookies which we use, along with a description, are listed below:

  • Cookie designation: auto log-in cookie
    Task: the cookie checks whether a user is logged in.
    Duration of storage: session, or up to 2 weeks for some data (all data are anonymous or anonymised)

  • Cookie designation: Webtrekk GmbH (
    Purpose: with the help of Webtrekk services, we gather statistical data regarding the use of our website. Those data are used to continuously improve and optimise our website and thereby make it more attractive to you. The data provide parameters such as number of visitors, click behaviour and visitors' average active length of visit to a given web page; the data are then analysed, so that the website can undergo ongoing improvement. Statistics regarding referrer URLs are used to determine the number of people who visit our website after having visited a partner website; that enables us to find out which of our marketing campaigns have generated interest in our website.
    Storage period: the cookie is deleted after 6 months of inactivity. Provided the visitor makes a visit during that period, the cookie's lifespan will be extended by a further 6 months. (all data are anonymous or anonymised)
  • Cookie designation: Tealium (
    Purpose: we use the services of Tealium iQ to help us manage our marketing tools. Tealium functions as an intermediary between the website and our partners. The data are forwarded to Tealium and sent to our partners accordingly.
    Storage period: no data are stored: instead, they are forwarded to our partners only.


2.3. Third-party cookies for which consent is required

Content of third parties has been integrated into this website. Theoretically, those third-party providers can place cookies during your visit to this website and thereby, for instance, obtain information indicating that you have visited one of our web pages. Please visit the website of the relevant third-party provider to find out how they use cookies.

  • Cookie designation: twyn group IT solutions & marketing services AG (
    Task: the Twyn Group specialises in digital marketing and is a market leader in the area of integrated online solutions. So-called remarketing codes are used for advertising campaigns involving the company in order to associate any customer actions directly with the advertising campaign, as well as to optimise the advertising and to assess its success.
    Duration of storage: 90 days (all data are anonymous or anonymised)

  • Cookie designation: Google Inc. (
    Purpose: this website uses Google AdWords, and also conversion tracking and remarketing codes relating to Google AdWords. If you click on an ad displayed by Google, Google AdWords places a cookie for conversion tracking. If you visit a particular page on our website, we and Google can determine that you have clicked on the ad and have been forwarded to that page. The information obtained via the conversion cookies is used to generate statistics for AdWords customers who use conversion tracking. From the statistics, we can determine the total number of users who have clicked on the ad displayed by Google and who have retrieved a page which has a conversion tracking tag. We use Google's remarketing function to reach users who have already visited our website. That allows us to present our advertising to target groups who have already shown interest in our products and services.
    Storage period: 30 days (all data are anonymous or anonymised)
  • Cookie designation: Facebook (
    Task: The Facebook pixel can trace user-defined target groups and conversion events. As a result, it is possible to send multiple adjusted events for any given page and to incorporate further data concerning the referring URL. This means that certain action patterns can be recorded and analysed, enabling detailed inferences to be made concerning the efficacy of the advertising and the class of user targeted, which can be help to optimise individual adverts and to make them more attractive. Duration of storage: session cookies (temporary) are erased after the end of the session. Permanent cookies retained for longer periods. (all data are anonymous or anonymised, which means that we do not see any personal data of individual users. However, these data are stored and processed by Facebook; we shall provide you with information concerning this based on the information available to us. Facebook may associate these data with your Facebook account and use them for its own advertising purposes in accordance with Facebook's Data Policy. You can allow Facebook and its partners to display adverts both on and outside Facebook.)


To make this disabling technically feasible, an opt-out cookie will be placed in your browser. That cookie will be used solely to implement your opt-out. Please note that for technical reasons an opt-out cookie can only be used for the browser from which it was placed. If you delete cookies or use a different browser or a different device, you must perform the opt-out again.


2.4 Social plugins

On the website, Porsche Holding Salzburg also uses so-called social plugins from social networks such as Facebook and YouTube. When visiting our website, these social plugins are disabled as the default setting, i.e. they do not send any data to the relevant social networks without any action on your part. Before you can use the social plugins, you have to activate them by clicking on them. The social plugins will remain active until you disable them or delete your cookies.

Once they have been activated, a direct connection will be established with the server of the relevant social network. The content of the social plugins is then transferred by the social networks directly to your browser and incorporated by it into the website. After a social plugin has been activated, the relevant social network can obtain data, irrespective of whether you interact with the social plugin. If you are logged in to a social network, your visit to this website may be allocated to your user account. A social website is unable to log visits to any other website unless and until you have also activated any social plugin on the relevant site. If you are a member of a social network and would not like it to associate the data collected from your visit to our website with your stored member data, you must log out of the relevant social network before clicking on the social plugin. We do not have any influence over the extent of the data collected by the social networks through their social plugins. Please refer to the privacy notices of the relevant social networks for further information concerning the purpose and scope of the collection of data as well as any further further processing and usage of the data by the relevant social networks, along with your related rights and options in relation to privacy settings.


Our websites use Facebook social plugins. For this purpose we use the "Like" button. This service is offered by the US company Facebook Inc. (1601S. California Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94304 USA). If you visit one of our websites containing such a plugin, it does not automatically establish any connection with this company. This only applies after you have expressly consented, which you will be asked to do after clicking on the relevant button.

Please refer to the Facebook Data Policy for further information concerning the purpose and scope of the collection of data as well as any further processing and usage of the data by Facebook, along with your related rights and options in relation to privacy settings:

If you do not wish Facebook to link the data collected from our website to your Facebook account, you must log out of Facebook before visiting our website. You can also entirely block the loading of Facebook plugins on your browser, for instance by using a "Facebook Blocker"


Our websites use YouTube social plugins. We use videos embedded into website code for this purpose. This service is offered by the US company Google Inc.

Please refer to the YouTube Privacy Policy for further information concerning the purpose and scope of the collection of data as well as any further processing and usage of the data by Google, along with your related rights and options in relation to privacy settings:

In order to give effect to this objection on a technical level an opt-out cookie will be stored on your browser. This cookie is intended exclusively in order to register your opt out. Please note that, due to technical reasons, an opt out cookie is only valid for the browser in which it is saved. If you delete your cookies or access the website using another browser or device, you will have to opt out again.

3. Your cookies settings

You can implement settings in your browser to ensure that cookies will only be created if you give consent, or to ensure that cookies will always be refused. Please note, however, that without cookies some parts of this website will only be usable in a limited manner or will not be usable at all.

You can control how cookies are used, and if necessary block cookies, by configuring your browser as follows:


Version: Dezember 2018