Human resources development
at Porsche Holding

Porsche Holding is proud to give its employees the opportunity of climbing the career ladder and growing along the way. This takes place within the framework of a professional and systematic human resources development programme, which is developed and implemented both at the group level as well as for the specific business units. The annual staff review meeting serves as an opportunity to receive feedback about your performance, targets and development potential. A group-wide standardised potential analysis forms the basis for individualised career planning.

Group-level human resources development

The human resources development team at Porsche Holding picks up and expands on the development resources offered in the individual business units and countries. We consolidate know-how in line with our corporate strategy and make an essential contribution to the sustainable management and progressive development of our company and its employees.

We only work with the best trainers and institutes and create training experiences that are second to none. This prepares our employees for the challenges they will face in the future of mobility. For example, we are Austria's only company that gives selected employees the opportunity to complete an MBA in mobility management in cooperation with the Commercial University of Vienna.

Human resources development in the business units

Human resources development in the business units augments and supports our professional and personal development activities on group level. The options available to our employees range from technical training courses to personality development. Targets and content are developed on the basis of the strategic requirements of the individual companies.