FAQs about career and applications
at Porsche Holding

How are applications processed?

We process applications quick and without much red tape. Use the job search to browse our current vacancies. Select a job that matches your qualifications and goals and complete our online application form. This is the first step and gets you started on your way to your dream job. The online application process allows us to get back to you quickly and for you to update your data in case something was missing.

You will receive a confirmation message once your application has been received. The assessment of your application follows a clearly laid out structure. We will discuss your application documents with the respective departments or business units. If you are a match, we will invite you to a first interview.

Depending on the position, there may be multiple interviews, and there may possibly also be some short assessment tests. The HR department and the hiring department remain in ongoing communication until a decision is made.

What essential key qualifications should potential candidates have?

In addition to an apprenticeship and/or work experience in a relevant field, we place great value on soft skills such as flexibility, responsibility, curiosity, problem solving skills and a passion for automobiles.

Digitalisation is making rapid progress worldwide, including in our industry. This means that we are looking for digital natives with excellent project management skills, highly qualified business developers and IT specialists. We are also in need of specialised technicians, as well as finance and sales talents.

Our wholesale, retail, financial services and IT units cover the entire spectrum of the automobile trade and enables us to offer interesting career opportunities in many exciting occupations.

What are you looking for in a candidate?

We are looking for the "perfect match". We want the candidate's qualifications and personality to match our company. We want people who get things done. People that radiate an inner drive to take bold steps forward. But by far, the most important criteria is authenticity. 

What is your advice for young candidates?

Follow your passion. For the younger generations, work has become much more than simply a means to an end: Work means fun, enjoyment and self-fulfilment.

Are there any requirements that must be met?

Flexibility is becoming more and more important, especially due to the advancing globalisation and digitalisation. Flexibility in terms of (international) mobility, as well as changing jobs. In 10 years, there will be occupations, that we haven't even thought about yet. These are the requirements that we must meet and exceed.

What is Porsche Holding’s corporate philosophy?

In the 70 years since its foundation, Porsche Holding has gained an outstanding reputation in Austria and across 22 other European countries, China and South America. Today, Porsche Holding is the most successful automobile trading company in Europe.

This was made possible by the group's innovative brands, as well as professional sales organisations in Austria and other countries. Social responsibility, high ethical standards, responsible employees and the passion for the automobile business have shaped the continued positive development of Porsche Holding to a great degree.

Corporate values, such as entrepreneurship, appreciation, a down-to-earth attitude and the responsible management of resources have always been part of our corporate philosophy and continue to support our thoughts and actions today.

In a nutshell, what is the corporate culture like at Porsche Holding?

"Driven by excellence" - that slogan perfectly describes the "Porsche spirit". Entrepreneurial thinking, a hands-on approach that wants to get things done and agility in thought and action, these are the hallmarks of the dynamic corporate culture at Porsche Holding.

We promote a high degree of individual responsibility, an appreciative atmosphere and loyalty to our business partners and suppliers.

And even though we strive for stellar growth, we always make sure to keep it down to earth and live up to our principles and values.

What are the essential ingredients for achieving success in automobile trading?

It is absolutely essential to have a vision and a clear corporate strategy. We aspire to be "the best mobility partner".

We pursue this goal by offering efficient and customer-focused services, harnessing cross-brand synergies and setting new standards for performance and innovation. We focus on what we do best and resolutely pursue the goals we have set for ourselves.